Market It!

Marketing Tip For TodaySend Thank-You notes and hand-written cards

This is a very personal and memorable way to stay in front of someone.  Send notes to people you meet who made a strong impression on you, could be a potential business alliance or strategic business partner or even someone who you would like to help grow their business.  You may also consider belonging to a service like Send Out Cards, or the like.  The key here is to do it within a few days of meeting/meeting with someone to have the greatest impact.

Marketing Tip For the Next DayOffer to speak to groups for free

This is a terrific way to gain exposure while giving an audience a taste of what your business is about or in what area you specialize.

  • Make sure that the groups that you speak to (unless it is purely public service) contain potential clients and/or decision makers.
  • Offer to moderate a panel or event.
  • Lead discussion groups or a committee to get exposure to speaking to smaller groups before you speak to larger ones.

More tips to come.  Now get out there and Market yourself!


Market It!

While advertising is a great way to “get your name out there”, it is generally a more impersonal way to connect with your potential clients.  Marketing, on the other hand, is personal and generally involves some form of personal contact.  I am going to share many different ways to market your business that cost virtually nothing (but time!)

Great Marketing Tip for today – Always, always, always, carry business cards

About 40% of the professionals I run into either do not have a business card with them, have run out, etc.  Business cards are necessary for effective marketing.  Depending on the type of business you are in, you may consider putting your photograph on your business card.  People will be able to “put the face with the name” when they look at your card several weeks or months after meeting you.  Additionally, people are less likely to throw away something with someone’s face on it.