Be a Giver, First

There is a chance that you are not receiving all the referrals and recommendations you want because you do not give first.  One of the most, personally, irritating things a person can say to me is, “Thanks, I owe you one.”  When I hear this, I quickly remark, “You do not owe me because I do not keep score.”

Almost from the beginning of time, people have kept score of what favor is owed them and how many favors they owe others.  I believe this is a harmful way to do business.  I do not have time to keep a score sheet on referrals I give and I do not ever want to be in someone’s “debt” for a referral.

With the above in mind, the solution that works for me is to give without keeping score.  In fact, giving to someone else without the weight of keeping count is extremely freeing and feels great!  When you give freely, it opens the door for someone to give back to you with an unburdened conscience.  So my motto is give, give, give.

In the Long Run…

When you give without needing a “get”, you will always gain.  In the long run, your unaccounted giving of referrals may lead to incredible business referral gain for yourself.


Strategic Business Partners

Do you and your business have Strategic Business Partners (SBP’s)?  SBP’s are different from Business Alliances.  A Business Alliance is a person with whom you may or may not do business, but have some sort of connection to in your business community.  A Strategic Business Partner is someone with whom you do business, whom you would heartily recommend and refer to others and who would recommend or refer to you with the same enthusiasm.

You may have hundreds of Business Alliances, but only a handful of Strategic Business Partners (SBP’s).  For example, as a business coach, my SBP’s consist of the following business types:

  • Business Attorney
  • Business Accountant
  • Sales Training Consultant
  • Web Design company owner
  • Commercial Cleaning Business owner
  • Workshop Trainer and Coach
  • Advertising Design Firm owner
  • Marketing Firm owner
  • Insurance agents
  • IT Company
  • Etc.

My SBP’s are other business owners to whom I can refer my business clients who are in need of their service.  In turn, my SBP’s are some of my best sources of referrals and recommendations.  I am very knowledgeable about their services and they are about mine.  I trust my SBP’s and they trust me.  In the past, I have had to fire a couple of SBP’s because they did not treat right someone I sent to them for assistance.  My SBP’s are very important to me and to the health and well-being of my business.  Think of creating a great team of Strategic Business Partners for your own business – and don’t delay!