Business Coach Tips – Public Speaking

Do you ever speak or present in front of people?  If your answer is yes, then you may be interested in the following tips I find useful!

When you are speaking:

  • Be conscious of what you are wearing – don’t be too obvious (you want them to listen to you and not be fixated on your outfit or suit)
  • Don’t show too much skin
  • Don’t use weak words and say “you know” a lot
  • Don’t (absolutely do not) remind the audience that you are nervous
  • Don’t apologize often
  • Don’t wring your hands
  • Do make good eye contact
  • Don’t fidget with your clothes
  • Don’t clutch the podium
  • Don’t use your high-squeaky voice
  • Don’t talk as fast as you can (this can actually make you more nervous!)

Expect Speaking Success by:

  • Writing a script
  • Writing for listeners, not readers
  • Making your words easy to remember
  • Using action words
  • Telling stories
  • Using testimonials
  • Using repetition (mildly)
  • Asking rhetorical questions
  • Creating a picture or image
  • Giving them something to look at, write on, or follow along with
  • Showing interesting visuals
  • Practicing your speech
  • Putting it into an outline
  • Visualize yourself making the speech and being successful!

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