Next Level Group collaborates with you, the business owner, to stabilize and grow a business that supports your life goals.  It is important that the business support your life, not the other way around.

Many business owners have a desire to grow their business, but get stuck in their attempts. Your business coach with Next Level Group comes alongside you, as a partner, to assist in positive and forward business growth.

Can you imagine taking a vacation for a month and not constantly worrying about who is “minding the store”?  Would you like to sell your business someday…and make a profit?  Business coaching can help you plan for, and actually achieve, these goals.

The Process

In the Next Level Group program, we tackle every aspect of your business, aligning each element to work together as a whole. The Next Level Group program offers up to eight distinct and relevant assessment steps that will make you the real “business owner” and not someone who has purchased a very expensive “job.”

Though the goal is long-term growth, the benefits begin almost immediately. The first segment of your coaching program is dedicated to strengthening near-term performance by increasing sales, cash flow and profit margin.

Next, we will lay the foundation for future growth, implementing specific processes to set and achieve long-term growth goals.  Finally, we create an exciting and workable “exit strategy” based on your personal circumstances and plans.

One-on-One Coaching

Your business is the focal point of each session.

Cooperative Coaching

Your business as well as up to 7 others. Telephone coaching that is comfortable and convenient.