<h3>Why should I hire a small business coach?</h3>

A business coach not only works with you to assist with business growth, but is also your advocate, sounding board, and a skilled and experienced business-building professional. She addresses the “health and well-being” of your entire business. Often, a business owner feels like he or she is continually “putting out fires” which leaves no time to work on stabilizing or growing the business. Your coach knows your life goals and what it will take you to become the owner of the business of your dreams.

<h3>Why should I consider the Individual coaching program?</h3>

In the Individual program, you and the coach work together and the focus is your business. You and the coach meet face-to-face (in person or Skype®) and on the telephone at least three times monthly. You have unlimited access to your business coach. In each session, we can tackle any “big fires” you may be facing first before moving into the business-building curriculum.

During the 1 hour session, the following principal components are covered:

  • Success and challenges
  • What you would like to most address during the session
  • BusinessWork from the last meeting
  • Core Curriculum material
  • BusinessWork assigned
<h3>Why should I consider the Cooperative coaching program?</h3>

The Cooperative program is business coaching in a group setting. We meet collectively over the telephone (conference-style) using the identical materials as the individual program. You receive the materials via email the week before each session. Group members work together during our telephone-time, answering questions, sharing experiences and networking.

During the 75 minute session, the following principal components are covered:

  • Success and challenges
  • “Checking in” with each other on the BusinessWork from the last call
  • Core Curriculum material
  • BusinessWork assigned
<h3>Confidentiality is important to me. How is this addressed, especially in the Cooperative Program?</h3>

As a professional coach, I am a member of and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Any and all discussion, whether in person, on the telephone or by electronic transmission is kept strictly confidential. In fact, I do not even share my client list unless I have permission to do so and only for the purpose of a business recommendation.

On the Cooperative Coaching contract, there is a specific line addressing confidentiality that must be initialed by every Cooperative program participant. It says, “The Client agrees to keep confidential all comments and information shared within the group. Failure to do so will result in removal from the group.”

<h3>What is the Beginning Assessment?</h3>

The Beginning Assessment is required for Individual Coaching. For a Cooperative member, it is optional and serves as a great tool to “jump start” your business coaching experience.


  • Small Business Development Questionnaire
    An in-depth analysis of your business.
  • The Extended DISC Assessment & Profile Results
    Analyzes how you work with people; a must for those who are in sales and employ others in their business.
  • The Established Company Vision Questionnaire
    The foundation of your business plan.
  • Key Purpose Worksheet
    Your life goals and how your business supports them.
  • Time Management Process
    Focus on “what’s important” and organizational skills.
<h3>If I am enrolling in the Cooperative program, why should I consider signing up for the optional Beginning Assessment?</h3>

The beginning assessment is two intensive hours that we spend together looking at the specifics of your business, alone. This process gives you a “head start” in the Cooperative program. We go over the materials that you fill out before our discussion as well as discuss any business specifics with which you have questions.

<h3>Can the Individual and Cooperative coaching programs be completed in less than one year?</h3>

No and yes.

The Individual program takes an entire year to complete. Because we begin on the component of your business with which you need focused attention, the additional sections of the program are covered over the balance of the year. You have individual on-call support over the year when you need it.

The Cooperative program is a year-long program as well. However, the Cooperative program offers an optional one-week Express Track training in Oklahoma City, OK (USA) or Dayton, OH (USA) four times a year. There is an additional cost for this program. Travel as well as hotel accommodations are not included. Please request additional information (specific Fast Track training dates and location, travel and accommodation recommendations and cost) at info@nextlevelgroup.com.

<h3>Do I have to pay for the program up-front or do you have a payment plan?</h3>

After you have signed the contract for the program that best fits your business needs, the first payment is due. Additional payments are due at the beginning of each month, auto-billed to your credit card. If you wish to pay up-front, you will receive a 15% discount.

<h3>Are materials an extra cost?</h3>

No. All materials are included in the price of the program.

<h3>What is your background and how are you qualified to coach me and address my business concerns?</h3>

For ten years, I served as a sales management professional and “corporate fix-it person” for a national advertising company. The company sent me to markets that were not making budget, had staffing problems and “broken” community relationships. My job was to increase sales, restore community bonds and partner with the plant manager to identify and correct personnel challenges. In addition, I owned and operated a retail small-business for approximately five years in which I faced and worked through every challenge that is addressed and covered in the Next Level Group small-business training program.

I am a small business expert, a certified image consultant and am actively working toward my Master Certified Coach (MCC) certification. I have over 750 hours of coaching experience and will gladly provide you with recommendations and referrals at your request.

For additional information, please call 405-330-0611 or 877-787-7757 (toll-free) or email info@nextlevelgroup.com