Image Coaching


Do you have a desire to “step up” your image in your personal and/or professional life?  Jennifer is a certified image coach (AICI FLC) who works with her clients in building confidence through personal and/or workplace appearance.  Your assessment may include determining your body shape and how best to dress it, what clothing and accessory colors make you look your very best and may include hairstyle and makeup suggestions.


Whether you are interested in coaching in the area(s) of social skills, stress management, etiquette or protocol, Jennifer is your coach!  Her coaching style is encouraging, direct and always focused on you and your needs.


Communication coaching includes direction in the areas of public speaking, presentation skills, body language, relationship building and conflict resolution.

Business and Corporate

First Impression Management is extremely important in today’s competitive society.  Your Image Coach offers the following:

  • A First Impression assessment of your company
  • Writing or rewriting of your company dress code
  • Group training for employees in the area of First Impression Management, appropriate dress and dress code review
  • One-on-one coaching with employees and management staff to assist them with their level of self-confidence with regard to their personal first impression