Jennifer’s Top Tips – Letting Go of Tolerations

What are tolerations? They are those pesky things in life that can really bug us. They are the “straw that breaks the camel’s back,” in many cases. Tolerations are things like:

  1. The copier that leaves a line down the middle of your page
  2. The employee that consistently comes in 5-10 minutes late
  3. The burned out light in your refrigerator
  4. Not having enough time to enjoy your hobby anymore

How do you get rid of tolerations?

  1. Identify and make a list of those things in life that you are tolerating and if they were changed/fixed, you wouldn’t have to think about/deal with it anymore
  2. Determine a period of time in which you would like to get rid of those tolerations
  3. Choose a couple to work on at a time within the time parameters you have set
  4. Celebrate when you have gotten rid of the tolerations in your life!

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