We’ve been working with Jennifer for a couple of years now.  When we began working with her, we provided great service but our business structure and future direction were a mess.  Now we are able to provide excellent service for our clients and we have structure for our business.  Not to mention that she has helped my wife and I channel our talents and come together for a common direction for our family run business.

I’ve recommended her to other business owners and friends and will continue to do so.  Three people every business should have on speed dial are a good attorney to help them set things up, a good CPA to worry about the IRS for you and most importantly Jennifer.  I’m not sure what we did before we hired  Next Level Group but I know whatever it was, we didn’t do it as well as we do now.

Thank you Jennifer and Next Level Group for helping to make AFH Marketing a success!
Our business is what it is today thanks to you.

JC & Kara Riley
AFH Marketing

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